A TDD side effect

All you know that TDD has god side effects. One of them is testing your application :-) Another one is to force you to write less verbose code.
Sometimes (only sometimes ;-) ) when you write production code not writing tests (oh, well I do not do that, ehm) you accept that the code is not as concise and "speaking" as it should be: after all you are writing code that does its dirty work (maybe), that's enough!!! But when you write tests, you know that the goal of test code is to speak to other people. In other words, my attitude when I write production code is to write code that speaks to the machine, while when I write test code I'm trying to speak to people, and you know, when you're speaking to human beings you can't bore them. So your writing must be clear and concise. In order to do that, sometimes you're forced to write some helper classes that, after a short while, you'll find useful on the production side too.

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